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Cloud-based software to plan, optimise, manage, and track the delivery of your goods from order to invoice.

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Who is RouteMagic?

RouteMagic digitizes end-to-end operations for businesses doing B2B distribution. We provide a single product for the entire order-to-cash cycle and reduce the implementation process, you can go live in less than a week. Our goal is to empower you with the "Magic of Technology" to unlock your full potential. Our flagship product, RouteMagic, is not only functionally complete but also incredibly easy to adopt and use.

Integrated ERP System and Mobile App to improve Last-Miles Sales and Distribution for SMEs and Enterprises

Route Management

Wholesale Delivery

Packaging Solutions

Workspace Service

Van Sales

Pre Order Delivery

Benefits of RouteMagic’s Last-Mile Sales and Distribution Platform

Accelerate Order-to-Cash Cycle
Electronic Proof of Delivery
Streamline end to end operations
Support Mobile Invoicing
Improve Customer Service
GPS & Timestamp Tracking
Mobile CRM
Manage Complex Pricing
Eliminate Arithmetic Errors
Automatic Anomaly detection
Benefit from Precise ETAs
Superior Stock Control
Get AI-Powered Suggestions
Automated Alerts/Emails
Customer Client Portal
Up-sell/X-sell opportunities
Enforce Business Rules
Gain Profitability Insights
Reduce Returns
Customer Specific Workflows
Go Paperless

Why Choose RouteMagic for your Sales and Distribution Operations Management

Gain Profitability Insights

Empower your mobile sales staff to make the most of any sales opportunity based on customer’s purchase history and preferences on the go.

Superior Stock Control

Manage your stock levels and inventories with real-time updates on inventory status, from order creation to delivery, including up-sold & damaged stocks.

Streamline Your Operations

It streamlines end-to-end sales and distribution operations by providing a comprehensive route optimization and logistics management solution.

Improve Customer Service

With precise delivery instructions, optimized routes, and real-time delivery status fulfill specific customer requests to meet customer time-windows.

Increase Staff Productivity

Irrespective of your industry, your staff can be at least 25% more productive with automated workflows, real-time stock updates, and optimized delivery routes.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

It enables you to digitally capture and manage proof of delivery for goods or services. By leveraging electronic technologies, such as mobile devices or specialized software, ePOD eliminates the need for paper-based documentation.

We love bringing smiles to our customers. Here are some of our happy customers.

Prep House desc

Here are some incredible stories from our happy customers!


About Roofing implements a new system to assist their complex dispatch management process, alongside introducing other functionality.

Food & Beverages

Manchester-based KHB Craft Bakery streamlines its order-to-cash cycle, improves customer service & reduces admin with RouteMagic.

Pharma Distribution

Medical Distributor, Covetrus eliminates paper and ensures consistent deliveries with the implementation of a new system.

Foods & Beverages

East Anglia-based, Barnies Foods digitises their delivery process with RouteMagic, improves tracking of orders, invoices, and deliveries.

Foods & Beverages

Northern Ireland Sauce manufacturer, Prep House remove paper processes for their mobile team, reduce admin and boost customer services.

Food & Beverages

Manchester-based Wholesaler Bits 'n’  Bobs chooses RouteMagic to optimise stock and inventory management and digitise their operation.

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