PRE-ORDER & Van sales

Sales & Distribution Management
Solution for B2B Last Mile

Cloud-based software to plan, optimise, manage and track the delivery of your goods from order to invoice.

End-to-end Routing Software that help you to deliver more & improve margins

Accelerate Order-to-Cash Cycle
Specify Default Products
Motivate through Gamification
Mobile Invoicing
Rent for Deposit Items
Auto-detect Anomalies
Payment Collection
Free Samples
Manage Through KPIs
3rd Party Integration
Merchandising (Surveys)
GPS & Timestamps
Real-time Field Visibility
Enforce Business Rules
Van-to-van transfers
Suggested Sales Orders
Differentiated Pricing
Reduce Returns
Suggested Load Orders
Eliminate Arithmatic Errors
Up-sell/X-sell opportunities
Suggested Picklists
Use Whitelists/Blacklists
Gain Profitability Insights
Leverage Sales History
Sell on Consignment
Van-to-Van transfers
Multiple UOMs
Clean Delivery Notes
Effective Promotions
Catch-Weight Items
Customer Credit Control
Use Planograms
Gain Profitability Insights
Manage Batch-dates
Route Optimisation
Territory Planning
Automated Alerts/Emails
Customer Surveys
Mobile CRM
Customer Client Portal

Transform the way your delivery drivers & field reps work

  • Drivers will have precise delivery instructions to fulfill specific customer requests and routes will be optimized to meet customer time-windows
  • A significant amount of your staff time goes in training, planning, managing, and collecting details with respect to their tasks , rather than in the actual execution of these tasks. RouteMagic frees your staff of these overheads, making them much more efficient.
  • use a single app which  would allow them to do them everything including barcode scanning, printing, signatures, photos, invoicing) with just a few clicks.

Plan your perfect route

Plan your perfect routes on a single screen with RouteMagic

Our route planning module lets you plan multiple routes, and multiple days, all on a single screen. Drag-and-drop functionality helps your planning teams to easily allocate the right orders to the right drivers and routes, and you can filter visible routes to simplify your plan & avoid costly mistakes. View stops on the map, and double-check planned routes to confirm that they are good to go.​

With all of the necessary information for each order at your planners' fingertips, you can minimise unfulfilled or missed deliveries, while easily reviewing plans before they are confirmed and passed onto your drivers' devices.


Complete control over every delivery with driver tracking & digital reporting

Enforce Business Rules

Build a system that suits your workflow, from enforced vehicle checks to end-of-site visit surveys. This allows you to personalise the system, grant you optimum productivity.
To keep a complete control over the sales
Identify situations whenever your business begins to face sudden fall in demand
Recognise the issue in time and act upon it in time

Manage Complex pricing

Organise distinct prices for each customer, discounts, promotions etc. Leverage 'Pricelists', to apply for promotions across all/several products to all/sub-set of customers in less than five minutes.
Define pricing for each set of customers separately
Maximise your returns with the right pricing model
Charge the right price for each item
Have complete control over the pricing of each item

Eliminate Arithmetic Errors

Van sales system’s automated stock and delivery status updates, and automatic adjustments to order totals that include returns, wastage, and up-sold items, you can eliminate manual errors and easily-made arithmetic mistakes, ensuring you stay in complete control of each order, your finances, and margins.
To ensure all the demand is met
There is no wastage of stocked items
You are able to fulfill different types of orders, keeping a tab of all

Manage WhiteLists/ BlackLists

RouteMagic van sales system takes care of whitelist/black list products with the ability to create/implement product lists. You can define product lines by creating product lists, and the system will ensure drivers do not accidentally sell products to customers that you cannot get paid for.
Ensure that each buyer gets the right list of items they order
Get the right pricing executed for each buyer
Improve van sales operation
Build customer loyalty

Automatic Anomaly detection

RouteMagic automatically analyzes trends in your data and then warns you of any unusual purchasing habits. By identifying anomalies, you can minimise costly manual or arithmetic mistakes & improve accuracy.
To keep a complete control over the sales
Identify situations whenever your business begins to face sudden fall in demand
Recognise the issue in time and act upon it in time

Enhance tracking with GPS & Timestamps

RouteMagic mobile app integrates with Google maps, providing your office team with the exact location of all drivers in real-time. It also offers exact time and location stamps for each fulfilled order.
Keep a track of your vans to ensure businesss continuity
Follow drivers on their way, ensuring they get the support they need
Track the time taken for each delivery, to ensure drivers are making most of each trip

Manage Van-to-Van Transfers

Permit drivers to make van-to-van transfers to improve flexibility so drivers can manage demand and boost up-selling opportunities. The system adjusts stock levels, so you don't have to worry about making changes or having inaccurate stock levels.
Help your drivers manage loaded stocks better while on the road
Meet all the requirements in the market within one trip of the driver
Save time, fuel, and wastage with proper coordination between the drivers

Get Performance Insights

RouteMagic compiles your operation’s data & provides customisable views for routes, drivers, customers, orders, and products. These views can be customised for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual insights.
Manage the complete delivery cycle of your van sales effectively
Ensure deliveries at minimum fuel cost and time
Get insights into what is working for your business and what is not
An opportunity to take data-based decisions

Streamline Your workflow & improve the productivity of your teams

Why choose RouteMagic as your Van Sales & DSD software solution?

Over 20 years of Industry understanding & expertise
Supporting over 100 businesses
Software with thousands of daily users
Quick implementation & extremely user friendly