Food & Beverages

Take a look at a selection of food & beverage delivery sectors we work with, helping them to cut costs, improve efficiency & drive customer satisfaction.

Flexible & customisable route planning & proof of delivery solutions

From bakeries & dairies to Food-to-Go, CPG or fruit & veg, our solution has a proven track record of helping wholesale distributors, van sales & DSD businesses to reduce their cost of service, improve efficiency and drive customer services forward.

Regardless of sector, our end-to-end solution can be tailored to the unique needs of individual businesses. Alongside this, RouteMagic helps these businesses to address common issues of inefficiency, manual error and profit losses, service costs along with many more challenges that a variety of sectors face. 

Powerful office functionality to improve the efficiency of your deliveries

  • Import orders from your ordering platforms

  • Automate customer schedules

  • Plan & optimise multi-drop delivery routes

  • Track drivers in real-time

  • Receive live updates & reports from the field

  • Live inventory updates

  • Generate & export customer invoices

  • Manage promotions & discounts

  • Set up workflows for your team

  • Collect customer feedback 

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A user-friendly delivery app to simplify your driver's day

  • Daily walk-around vehicle checks

  • Log vehicle loads & unloads

  • Complete POD Management

  • Automated cost & stock adjustments

  • Add new customers on route

  • Take forward orders or set up standing orders

  • Mobile CRM capabilities

  • Handle all payment types

  • End-of-site & end-of-day reports

  • Live, automatic customer notifications

Cloud-based delivery software to keep you in control

vehicle checks

Accelerate your order-to-cash cycle

Improve your customer's experience

driver tracking

Eliminate paper & reduce manual error

Track performance & grow quicker

Fruit & Vegetables

We provide solutions for a range of sized fruit & veg delivery businesses, whether that be wholesale distribution, van sales or direct-store-delivery, and we've been doing so for over 20 years now!

RouteMagic offers advanced route planning & delivery scheduling technology to help you automate regular or standing orders, effortlessly & quickly plan & optimise delivery routes, pass information to drivers & track the entire process up to invoice generation & export. 


With short shelf-life goods & fast-moving produce, fruit & veg delivery operations rely on airtight day-to-day operations, Wastage is inevitable, but the accuracy of inventory management & optimised routing possibilities offered by our delivery software helps to minimise wastage.

Our mobile app empowers drivers with quicker routes & full information about customers & their preferences, trends, and habits, to help them maximise every sales opportunity. 

Whether you're a 2 or 200 van operation, RouteMagic streamlines your workflow so you can operate as efficiently as possible, while cutting fuel costs, reducing planning time, eliminating paper processes & accelerating your order-to-cash cycle.

Bakeries & Baked Goods

Bakeries are very dynamic businesses with their own unique set of challenges. With an order today, deliver tomorrow culture, speed and accuracy are essential in providing quality customer service.


From daily production schedules, picking & packing, and route planning, the opportunity to save money is easy along every stage of the order-to-cash cycle is easy to find, but hard to solve. 


Our cost-effective, end-to-end delivered wholesale and van sales solution is used by some of the best-known bakeries and morning goods distributors in the UK and Ireland. 

RouteMagic brings together each aspect of the order to delivery cycle with sector-specific features to meet the needs of Bakeries looking to streamline their operations, optimise routes, and cut administrative tasks.

Easily feed new orders into the defined, efficient workflow set up through the system. Define exactly how each order needs to be picked, packed & loaded to ensure continuity, before letting your optimised routes guide drivers from customer to customer using the quickest routes, keeping ETAs in mind. 

At the point of delivery, our mobile app prompts drivers with promotional products & customer-specific items to improve their sales capabilities, and all proof of delivery reports & payments are sent immediately back to your office system, which is accessible from any device.

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Regardless of the types of deliveries that you cater for; business to business, direct-to-consumer, standing orders, daily milk rounds or a mixture of delivery types, RouteMagic provides powerful end-to-end modules for complete control and visibility over your operation.

From optimising routes to tracking drivers & recalling PODs from the field instantly, RouteMagic offers digital end-to-end management of your Dairy distribution operation.


Combining mobile & office functionality, RouteMagic helps you to manage all orders easily, by automating standing orders each week, as well as offering drag-and-drop route planning for easy allocation of new orders to routes. 

Live monitoring helps you track the progress of each delivery driver, and all delivery reports are immediately accessible to your office team within seconds of drivers completing them. 

Our mobile delivery app suggests customer-specific products to drivers, to help them sell more, and they can easily adjust orders, handle wastage, add new customers & take forward orders in seconds using their mobile devices.

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Meat & Seafood

Meat & seafood distributors face unique challenges due to the goods they distribute. The risk of contamination, and the implications of late deliveries, stockpiling, and managing weight/cost measurement can pose both risks & challenges for the reputation and profitability of the business. 


Using manual & paper processes to manage orders, record deliveries, manage customers or organise finances adds more pressure , to improve efficiency and make the most of their goods & services.


Using our catch-weight system, customers can place orders to the decimal point, and the costs are automatically calculated by the system. 

Feed your ordering platforms into RouteMagic, or input orders directly into the system. From here, the workflow is structured and stages are automated to speed up the process from order entry to delivery. Optimised routes save your team hours of route planning, and full driver tracking helps you to monitor progress.

RouteMagic offers a convenient self-service portal, to keep your customers informed without having to phone for updates, and the system has the flexibility to offer last-minute adjustments without disrupting the flow of your drivers.

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Achieving optimum replenishment for each customer can be tricky. Avoiding surplus products on the shelves which leads to wastage, but making sure shelves are not empty, resulting in missed sales is a fine line, and is challenging for any business which can be held accountable for the management of returns. 


With short-shelf lives, a varying product mix for each customer and short call cycles, it’s critical for F2G businesses to know precisely which products need to be where and when.

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Automating day-to-day field activities with real-time flow of information between mobile workers and office staff allows F2G businesses to gain a real competitive edge, whilst keeping ‘costs to serve’ to a minimum.


Our feature-packed software streamlines and automates business processes with features including route planning, customer and driver schedules, sales order management and inventory control, as well as industry-specific functionality developed especially for food-to-go businesses. It also controls the integration between your back-office accounting, ERP or warehouse management system.

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Consumer Packaged Goods

CPG businesses need accurate inventory management, greater control of order & delivery timing, and greater visibility over daily operations, and long-term performannce so they can prepare for demand and plan growth strategies.

Drivers also need access to information about customers, promotions & pricing to help them maximise their efficiency and drive customer satisfaction, which can be difficult with paper-based ways of executing deliveries. 


Customise the experience you offer to each customer effortlessly, and plan routes & inventories with customer-specifics in mind. Plan & optimise routes to meet ETAs, and track driver progress as they execute their journeys. 


RouteMagic can store extensive information for your customers, products, product classes, promotions, discounts & pricing structures. These help you to keep in complete control of your margins, and exactly how much you profit from each customer. 


RouteMagic offers CPG delivery drivers access to all the customer data they need, including previous sales records & suggested items, to boost sales & offer greater services. All inventory updates throughout the day are reflected in the system in real-time, keeping you in control & on track, along with all delivery reports & PODs taken.

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Can't see your sector?

Although the above are a range of our sectors, our route planning & electronic proof of delivery solutions are used every single day by a huge variety of sectors.

If you're unsure whether RouteMagic will be the best solution for you, contact us or fill out the contact form below & we can discuss your specific needs, requirements and goals.


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