Distribution management solutions for a range of distributors from a variety of industries & sectors.

Plan & optimise routes on a single screen

cut route driving times

Massively reduce fuel costs & service times

eliminate paper for deliveries

Eliminate paper processes & reduce admin 

live delivery tracking

Track & Monitor all operations in real-time

Flexible & customisable distribution solutions

We work closely with each customer to identify their unique goals for growth. From delivery tracking, route planning solutions, driver tracking software and beyond, RouteMagic offers extensive functionality to digitise, manage, and control distribution operations from end to end.


Food & Beverages

Extensive functionality for a range of sectors and distribution models, from bakeries to dairies, F2G, fruit & veg, confectioneries & beyond.

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Construction & Building Materials

Order management, delivery tracking & driver management solutions for construction, builders, plumbers and timber merchants.


Automotive Distribution

End-to-end delivery solutions for the Automotive industry; order & route planning,  delivery tracking and proof of delivery.

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Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare

A simple yet extensive solution for pharmaceutical distributors, suppliers of healthcare equipment, and healthcare services.


Mobile Workforce Management

Achieve a seamless process from creation to completion, improve order-to-cash flow, manage customer demand more effectively, with greater visibility over your entire business. 


Transport & Logistics

Optimised operational performance and business insights, with seamless integrations into existing accounting software. Track & monitor your business under one roof.

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Reduction of paper costs & processes

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Reduction of outbound calls 

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Improvement in overall efficiency

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Reduction of route planning times