Have a look at the wide range of industries, sectors, and business types we help to digitise their operations.

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Food & Beverages

Extensive functionality for a range of sectors and distribution models.

From Dairy and Bakeries to Food-to-Go, CPG, Poultry, Meat & Seafood, we work closely alongside teams to ensure their individual aims and sector-related challenges are addressed.

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Integrated back-office and mobile app for the Construction Industry.

Whether you are distributing building materials, managing jobs and teams, planning routes or managing orders, RouteMagic helps to eliminate paper processes, reduce error and improve productivity. 

Plan & optimise routes on a single screen

Reduce fuel costs & service times

Eliminate paper processes & reduce admin 

Track & Monitor all operations in real-time

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Digitising the entire distribution process for automotive businesses.

End-to-end delivery solutions for the Automotive industry; order & route planning,  delivery tracking and proof of delivery.

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Order, delivery, and workforce management solutions for the healthcare industry.

A simple yet extensive solution for pharmaceutical distributors, suppliers of healthcare equipment, and healthcare services.

Productivity & Performance
"Without the system, we’d need three to four people to do what one person can now do"
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Mr Scratchings
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Mobile Workforce Management

Digitising the entire distribution process for automotive businesses.

Achieve a seamless ordering process from creation to completion, improve order-to-cash flow, manage customer demand more effectively, with greater visibility over your entire business. 

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Transport & Logistics

Complete management under a single system for the transport & Logistics industry.

Optimised operational performance and business insights, with seamless integrations into existing accounting software. Track & monitor your business under one roof.

Some of our Customers include

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