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A single app to help your drivers exceed performance, everyday.

A complete mobile app for your delivery drivers & van sales reps, so they can make the most out of their services.

Transform the way your delivery drivers & field reps work

Full functionality app

POD management & reporting

Synchronised office & mobile applications

Automatic customer notifications

Full offline capabilities

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Supporting over 100 customers globally, with 1000's of daily users

Over 20 years of technical expertise and industry experience

Scalable and customisable solutions for a range of industries & sized operations

A mobile delivery app that your drivers can use for all of their daily tasks.

Daily Vehicle checks

Make sure drivers comply with safety regulations and submit inspections before they start their daily route. Ensure compliance & maintain vehicles effectively.

Customise inspections to suit your preferences & vehicles types.


Streamlined Order Processing

Pick, pack & load stock through our app, and manually load stock or accept a prepared load. 


Search for product lines, codes, or product types to find what you're looking for, with product images ensuring the right products are loaded.

Once complete, loads are updated in the office in seconds.


Call Sequences & Servicing Customers

Drivers are presented with their schedules on the app, which are sent directly from the office in advance. 

They have access to all customer information, including:

  • Contact name

  • Address

  • Contact Email

  • Contact Phone number

Once they start their route, our Google Maps-integrated app will guide them on their journey, ensuring they take the route sent from your planning teams directly to the app.

They can choose to skip unavailable or closed customers, add new customers on the way, and even set up new customers.

Sales, Returns, PODs & Payments

Automated alerts notify a customer of an incoming delivery, and once at the customer, your drivers can:

  • Deliver a pre-order, execute a Van Sales stop, or both

  • Take a forward order for the future or set up a standing order

  • Manage returns, with our app adjusting inventories accordingly.

Once an order is finalised, drivers can review the delivery using the site summary screen, before taking an e-signature & payment through cash, card or cheque.

Any credit limits or outstanding balances can be checked, and our app supports payment through cash, credit card, or cheque.

Drivers can reduce service times, making sure they are on track for their route to meet SLA's and improve the customer experience.


Capabilities & benefits to boost efficiency, improve the customer experience & drive profits

Customer-Specific Suggestions

Using customer sales records, our app suggests customer-specific products to your drivers at the point of delivery. Empower them to up-sell more while offering a more personalised delivery service.

On-the-Go Stock Control

Using customer sales records, our app suggests customer-specific products to your drivers at the point of delivery. Empower them to up-sell more while offering a more personalised delivery service.

Optimised Shelf Space Usage

Equipped with information behind customer purchasing habits and accurate inventory management, you can minimise returns, reduce wastage and optimise how you use your shelf space.

Make the Most of Each Day

Our app guides drivers using the quickest route, and drivers can skip unavailable customers, or add new customers while they're on their route, maximising their reach and making the most of each day.

Streamlined Order-to-Cash Cycle 

With the back-office & mobile app feeding into one another in real-time, you can drastically improve your entire order-to-cash cycle & streamline your processes right up to invoicing.

Establish Workflow Rules for Drivers

With over 50 customisable settings, establish rules for seasonal, temporary, or permanent drivers so you know exactly what they can & can't do while on the road.

Performance Insights

RouteMagic compiles your operation’s data & provides customisable views for routes, drivers, customers, orders, and products. These views can be customised for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual insights.

Manage White & Blacklist Products

Define whitelist/blacklist products through the office system, and let the RouteMagic ensure drivers do not accidentally sell products to customers that you cannot get paid for. 

Automate Cost Adjustments

With automated stock & delivery status updates, along with automatic adjustments to order totals, including returns, wastage, and up-sold items, you can eliminate easily-made arithmetic mistakes.

Accelerate your entire order-to-cash cycle with synchronised mobile & office functionality

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  • Plan & optimise journeys using our drag-and-drop route planner

  • Send planned schedules directly to your drivers' devices

  • Receive automatic updates from drivers throughout the day

  • Access all Vehicles Checks, PODS, invoices & site summaries instantly

  • Automate stock and cost adjustments

  • Automate customer-driver-office communication & updates

  • Auto-generate & export invoices, or email them directly to the customer right away

Streamline Your workflow & improve the productivity of your drivers

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Hear from our customers

"The level of management control in the front office combined with user flexibility on the handheld is amazing and the system offers tremendous flexibility and imagination just where we want to make step changes in our business.

Finance Director, Ginsters

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