Powerful Van Sales & Direct Store Delivery Solutions

  • Driver Management & tracking

  • Maximise Sales with a driver's app

  • Personalised customer experience

  • Accelerate your order-to-cash cycle

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Paperless route planning, driver tracking & proof of delivery software for Van Sales & DSD operations 

Plan, optimise & schedule routes, customer visits & deliveries more efficiently

Use extensive customer information and previous sales records to maximise profits

Manage deliveries, adjustments, returns, stock levels & payments through a single app

Instantly send & receive updates between drivers, office teams & customers

Manage more delvieries, easier

Easily & quickly plan with route optimisation, combined with a routing app to help your drivers service more customers in less time.

Offer a personalised customer experience

Extensive customer sales records, customer-specific pricelists & suggestions to exceed customer expectations every day.

Superior Stock & Inventory Control

Automatic inventory updates & adjustments keep you in control. Easily set up  and automate promotional periods & discounts.

Accelerate your order-to-cash cycle

Automate order & delivery processes while harnessing paperless reporting, to speed up your order-to-invoice cycle.

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Transform the way your van sales reps work

​Our mobile app gives van sales reps & delivery drivers extensive functionality to carry out & report on all of their daily tasks more effectively, improve communications, accountability, and drive sales. 

From defining a more productive workflow to adding new customers, managing returns, pushing promotional items and taking future orders, our app helps drivers manage a range of sales activities, so they can get the most out of every day and every delivery.

With back-office integrations, our delivery app and the office system feed information seamlessly between one another in real-time, helping teams gain full visibility over daily operations, and improving accountability.

Electronic Proof of Delivery

Swiftly review order summaries, make any adjustments effortlessly & capture PODs with optional photo at the point of delivery, speeding up the process and offering more convenient sales options for customers. 

Motivate through Gamification

Encourage your drivers to turn a regular order into a van sale. Leverage  gamification to motivate your van sales drivers to go the extra mile, over and beyond their current capabilities.

Live tracking & Updates

Monitor all of your routes and drivers through our route monitor or on the map as they complete their journey,  helping you to track progress and improve response times to any delays or disruptions.

Optimised Planograms

Specify customer specific, error-proof planograms. Field reps simply count the stock on the shelf, and the system handles order generation for them. 

Mobile Invoicing & Payments

Handle all payment types through the app, and generate invoices which are automatically sent to your office the moment a delivery is complete. Review invoices & export swiftly to send on to the customer.

Merchandising Activities

Customise surveys & consolidate feedback, to help you understand areas of improvement. align customer preferences & stay on top of their preference list 

Full Offline Capabilities

Drivers can continue to log all activities & actions at rural locations, with the app syncing with the office & updating once connectivity resumes.

Engagement through Samples

Get your customers hooked on your products by easily managing the distribution of free samples, and enforce sampling strategies effortless with our system.

Make the most out of every sales opportunity

Maximise up-selling with customer sales records & specific suggestions

RouteMagic takes customer buying habits, trends & preferences, and uses this data to ease order management while promising more effective delivery execution & an enhanced customer experience. 


When drivers load their vehicles at the start of the day, suggested products & quantities will prompt your team with relevant products for the day's call schedule. This improves the management of inventories, helps to reduce wastage, and boosts your drivers' sales opportunities for each customer. Cut out the guess work from deciding which items to load each day and help get your drivers on the road quicker.

Our mobile app equips drivers with extensive customer sales records, order patterns and preferences, so they can maximise their sales capabilities.


The app prompts drivers with customer-specific suggestions at the start of the day and at the point of delivery, as well as making promotions and discounts easy to manage. This results in a mobile sales force that is highly tuned to the needs of each customer and can maximise up-selling and cross-selling opportunities.

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"It suggests to the salesman what to supply at each call and helps him add value for our customers by providing detailed product and sales history information to aid the customer's decision making."

Finance Director,



Simplify route planning & eliminate guess work with route optimisation

Reduce mileage, improve delivery accuracy & meet SLAs every time

Our route planning module lets you plan multiple routes, and multiple days, all on a single screen. Automate schedules so your planning team only have to set up regular van sales schedules once. Drag-and-drop functionality helps your planning teams to easily allocate the right orders to the right drivers and routes, and you can filter visible routes to simplify your plan & avoid costly mistakes. View stops on the map, and double-check planned routes to confirm that they are good to go.

With all of the necessary information for each order at your planners' fingertips, you can minimise unfulfilled or missed deliveries, while easily reviewing plans before they are confirmed and passed onto your drivers' devices.

Our route optimiser takes into account customer ETAs, and calculates the more effective route for each of your drivers to take, giving your planning team precise delivery times & sequences that promise results. You can optimise individually, or all of your routes at once, cutting the planning time drastically while eliminating the guesswork for your planners. 

  • Reduce mileage & fuel costs

  • Drive towards more sustainable deliveries

  • Meet SLAs & minimise redeliveries

  • Reinvest time saved into the growth of your business

Territory Planning

With hundreds, or thousands of customers to manage, the challenge of determining which customers should be serviced by which drivers & routes becomes increasingly difficult. 

Make sure you plan areas & territories effectively means you get the most out of each customer, each sales opportunity, each week, and each month. 

  • Ensure your drivers reach every scheduled visit each day

  • Cut fuel consumption while driving saless

RouteMagic takes the complexity of meeting these targets, and simplifies territory planning:


  • Effortless route planning on a single screen, that identifies all scheduled stops and prompts planners to incorporate all of them, so no customers are missed

  • Optimised route plans ensure the most logical execution, meaning deliveries are grouped onto the routes that will realistically service them during each drivers' working hours

“Our system is intuitive, simple to use, and has given us flexibility and freedom, as well as efficiency. Without the system, we’d need three to four people to do what one person can now do"

Mr Scratchings

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Complete control over every delivery with driver tracking & digital reporting 

Set up workflow rules for drivers

With over 50 customisable settings, establish rules for seasonal, temporary, or permanent drivers so you know exactly which actions they can & cannot take while on the road.

Monitor with live status updates

Monitor all of your routes and drivers through our route monitor or on the map as they complete their journey,  helping you to track progress and improve response times to any delays or disruptions.

Instantly access all reports 

From anywhere in the order process, you can access full order details, any adjustments and attached documents from the office, keeping you in complete control with full visibility over your operation.


Manage re-order levels effectively

Van-to-Van Transfers

RouteMagic automatically analyzes trends in your data and then warns you of any unusual purchasing habits. By identifying anomalies, you can minimise costly manual or arithmetic mistakes & improve accuracy.

Minimise having too much or little stock by setting up re-order levels for each product. This helps you to manage inventory space & maintain adequate stocks to meet demand throughout the year.

Permit drivers to make van-to-van transfers to improve flexibility so drivers can manage demand and boost up-selling opportunities. The system adjusts stock levels, so you don't have to worry about making changes or having inaccurate stock levels.

Manage White & Blacklist Products

Streamlined Order-to-Cash Cycle 

Performance Insights

Define whitelist/blacklist products through the office system, and let the RouteMagic ensure drivers do not accidentally sell products to customers that you cannot get paid for. 

With the back-office & mobile app feeding into one another in real-time, you can drastically improve your entire order-to-cash cycle & streamline your processes right up to invoicing.

RouteMagic compiles your operation’s data & provides customisable views for routes, drivers, customers, orders, and products. These views can be customised for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual insights.

Accelerate your entire order-to-cash cycle with synchronised mobile & office functionality

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  • Send orders  to warehouse teams and receive live updates

  • Send planned schedules directly to your drivers' devices

  • Receive automatic updates from drivers throughout the day

  • Access all Vehicles Checks, PODS, site summaries & invoices instantly

  • Automate stock and cost adjustments

  • Liv customer notifications & automatic updates

  • Auto-generate & export invoices, or email them directly to the customer right away

“The ability to instantly access both customer and staff information has enabled me to make fact-based decisions, to have accurate information on products, customer and finance needs, allows the business to plan, grow and enhance the service we provide to the customer. The benefits of automating manual processes has helped reduce time and cost”


Barnies Foods


Personalise the customer experience & meet ever-changing expectations

Offer outstanding service that your customers can't get anywhere else

With a convenient self-service portal, customers can place orders, oversee the status of deliveries, and receive live updates, without having to contact your customer service team and vice versa.


Real-time updates of every action means your office staff are also fully informed to let customers know of their delivery's whereabouts.

Effortlessly meet customer expectations with alerts at the point of delivery that prompt drivers with any special instructions for how to deliver the products, or any rules for entering & leaving the premises. 

Minimise the time your drivers & office team spend manually providing updates over the phone or by text, keep drivers on track & your customers informed.


  • More convenient deliveries

  • Precise ETA calculations & delivery windows

  • Easy last-minute adjustments to orders based on customer needs

  • Customer-specific suggestions

  • Automate promotions & discounts on a customer to customer basis

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