We are always looking for new opportunities to expand the value we offer to our customers

Our Existing Partnerships Aim to Drive Our Industries Forward

We are always looking for new opportunities to expand the value of our offering for our customers.


We are looking to work with passionate third parties who share our goals of streamlining businesses and empowering them to leverage the capabilities of emerging technologies.

Our Journey so far

With over 20 years of industry experience, as Mobile Enterprise Systems Ltd we were one of the first to market, offering our customers a complete digital solution.


In 2017, our company was acquired by private equity firm Data Insights, who has spent over £1m since then to develop RouteMagic and ensure we offer state-of-the-art software solutions for our customers.

During this time, we worked with a wide range of businesses to develop our Software to address the traditional challenges and barriers to growth many businesses face.

We are continuously building exciting opportunities and relationships with several businesses and groups, and collaborating with new partners, working through new sectors and industries to help address challenges with innovation.

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Our partners include

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A Focus on Seamless Integrations and User-Experience

We have always held a strong focus on a flexible and easily customisable system that enables businesses to leverage innovative technologies; from electronic proof of delivery and delivery management, to route planning & optimisation, driver tracking and inventory management.

Every business is different, and each has a mixture of industry-related and unique challenges. A system that can be adapted and works around unique operational functions can meet the requirements of each business that we work with.


We saw that traditionally, distribution software has been difficult to implement, often taking months of integration with various challenges concerning existing systems. We aim to address this, and develop software that is easy to integrate, adapt, and easy to use, given the nature of the businesses and industries we work with.

The Ideal Partner

Routemagic has been continuously developed to address both common and unique challenges that delivery operations ranging through various sectors face.


We are seeking partnerships with like-minded businesses that go the extra mile for their customers and use their industry expertise to provide well-suited solutions.


We believe that our work should always work towards adding value to our customers, and so we are seeking opportunities with like-minded businesses.

Partner Opportunities

The ideal Partner will be focused on improving their own customer relationships by providing a single solution for their operational needs and challenges.

Simply put, we look for partners who are relationship-orientated and are willing to proactively collaborate with our company to offer the most valuable services for their customers.

Identify needs & challenges

Build Trust through close relationships

Add Value that drives growth

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