3 ways Food & Drink Wholesale Distributors can grow with their rapidly changing Industry

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

"The food industry is facing a decade of seismic disruption" says the FWD

Enormous changes are predicted to impact the UK's food & drink wholesale industry over the coming decade. New technologies, increasing & changing consumer demand, accelerating disinter-mediation & the widespread growth of innovations are placing a large burden on a wholesaler's ability to adapt, incorporate and accommodate for changes on a huge scale.

In June 2019, the FWD released funded and published research investigating the key destructive mechanisms impacting the Wholesale industry for years to come.

The necessity to adapt, innovate and overcome is rarely this vital, given predicted industry circumstances.

Technological innovations can be either a blessing or a curse for the UK's Wholesalers; the answer lies in the individual business's ability and willingness to adapt & evolve with digitalised advancements.

The Report encouraged;

"Distributors should select, implement, and leverage technologies that work together to enable innovations that deliver new and alternative business models and processes."

The report outlined 3 key areas, which are crucial for Businesses to orientate their objectives around as we navigate the digital age.

These are:

"Become more customer-centric, working to provide a more personalised experience across an omnichannel environment."

RouteMagic can implement seamless supply-chain communications, from back-office, to field-operative, right down to the customer.

Track your deliveries in real-time, with immediate recall on updates. This means your operations can run smoothly, and your everyone is kept in the loop.

Returns and invoices are electronically produced, on the spot. Along with Electronic PoDs, there is no longer need for paper waste and no delays and issues regarding payments.