Five Eco-Friendly Ways of Re-Imagining The Way You Manage Distribution Processes in 2022

Distribution processes are complex and require airtight management because of various dynamic business factors and the kind of environmental impact their packaging and deliveries make. A smart logistics system built with sensitivity and intelligence will help you keep the whole process low-cost and environmentally friendly. Here are some ways you can optimize your deliveries in eco-friendly ways, right from packaging, routing, warehousing storage, and fleet management to capturing delivery proofs.

These will have a deeper effect on your business performance as well, helping you prevent losses, be consistent in services, reduce shipping costs and timings, improve efficiency, and stay resilient towards market changes.

Eliminate Paper from Delivery Cycles

Paper-based delivery cycles are not only a liability to the environment, they are also a liability to your business. Eliminating paper from the process can help you make the process faster and streamlined, as your workforce is empowered to clock on the delivery status and proofs in real-time, which is digitally accessible to you. It shortens the whole payment cycle, ensuring better customer service. Start by conducting an analysis of how much and where your organisation uses paper and how you can cut down its usage. Reach out to your departments and ask them to participate in this activity and help you identify the areas where paper usage is high. Besides, these are some effective ways to eliminate paper from your distribution cycles: move from paper to mobile app, recycle the paper, embrace electronic signature.

This is how it will help you:

  • Reduced carbon footprint and contribute towards environmental sustainability.

  • Reduce business cost and unwanted burdens, by going paperless.

  • Push the acceleration to fast-forward your business

  • Make the business processes secure.

Automation Storage and Retrieval Processes

Every business is wasting products because of bad management, led by human limitations in managing huge stocks and maintaining a record of them. This also means a loss of business opportunities. Automating a storage retrieval system can have a significant impact on the way you manage your warehouse, by giving you more control over stock flow, storage, stock availability, and the time you take to respond to every requirement.

Automating the workflow will help you create and maintain records digitally and have them updated by your workforce located at different places, all in real-time. This will let you make most of your storage space, place an order for more goods as the last stock gets booked, and quickly check records to update the customer on the order status.

This is how this measure will help you:

  • Reduced carbon footprint and contribute towards environmental sustainability.

  • Reduce wastage caused due to inefficiencies

  • Be more environmentally responsible and make full utilisation of resources

  • Control the wastage of valuable room or energy being spent on products that aren’t needed

  • Optimize storage space

  • Monitor your warehouse & inventories from anywhere and anytime

An Eco-Friendly Fleet Management System for Sustainability

Businesses are now looking for more sustainable ways to run, by moving towards eco-friendly ways of operation. These methods are helping them reduce carbon emissions, lower the impact on the planet, and cut down costs too. These steps include adoption of electric vehicles by a big list of companies consciously, it includes names such as Amazon, FedEx, Walmart and more. It is one of the best strategies to cut down some costs while being environmentally responsible.

Secondly, using systems to optimise routes that , saves costs for the business.. It also helps them regulate the carbon emission in the environment, as the driver is now enabled to take the shortest route, which means less miles travelled, more deliveries, and less environmental burden. Besides, ensure that the vehicles are run at full capacity, to maximise deliveries using the minimum number of trips. These eco-friendly steps are needed for environmental sustainability and building a loyal customer base that supports your business.

This is how this measure will help you:

  • Lower fuel emission

  • Lower the spend on fuel

  • Maximise fuel utility

  • Reducing the number of miles your vehicles travel

  • Increasing the miles your vehicle travels per gallon

Sustainable Packaging

Packaging causes more harm to the environment than anything else, creating tons of plastic waste. Around 14.5 million tons of plastic waste was generated in 2018, and post-pandemic this number has only seen a rise with people ordering home deliveries of almost everything from food to groceries. Many businesses have already taken the initiative of using bamboo-based material which is biodegradable, or recyclable air bags and bubble wrap. Besides, customers are also contributing in pushing this trend ahead by showing a clear preference for businesses showing sensitivity towards the environment. Make this move now if you haven't already, for a better and brighter future for the environment and your business.

This is how this measure will help you:

  • Reduced carbon footprint and contribute towards environmental sustainability.

  • Cut down expense on packaging

  • Get more storage and more space

  • Biodegradable packaging

  • Improves your brand image

  • Non-toxic and allergy-free packaging

Plan The First-Delivery and Long-Term Goals

Plan everything ahead to make every initiative successful. This pans across making the first delivery attempt to scale up your business.

First delivery attempts are critical to keeping each delivery & route fuel-effective. Another delivery attempt would mean higher fuel consumption and carbon emission. Ensure that the delivery driver is able to communicate smoothly with the customer receiving the order, making the delivery attempt successful in the first go. Also, plan for your business’s growth and scale-up, keeping the environment in mind.

This is how this measure will help you:

  • Scale-up business with environment-friendly methods

  • Keep deliveries and store management eco-friendly at all times

  • Make most of driver’s each trip

  • Keep the customer happy


Making your delivery process eco-friendly will have a significant impact on your business efficiency, besides saving the environment from lasting harm. Now is the time to take steps to take this drastic measure and change the way your business processes.

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