Emerging technologies for the management of Logistics and transportation Operations

Updated: Dec 16, 2021

What are delivery logistics?

Delivery logistics, on the most basic level, is the operational flow from receiving and sourcing products, to its delivery to the customer. It concerns everything in between these 2 stages, including the management of supply chain processes.

For efficient and reliable deliveries, it is important that each business responsible for an aspect of the delivery process is operating efficiently and reliably, with communication channels being clear and streamlined throughout the entire chain.

The emergence and increasing presence of reverse logistics has added complexity to the processes involved in delivery logistics, but the bottom line is that the following elements must be met for a quality distribution process:

  • Correct products

  • Correct quantities in the correct conditions

  • Correct location, customer, and time

Meeting these key requirements is essential for the overall success and profitability of logistics operations.

Incorporating these ideas into the ever-evolving demands of the end customer - Why is it important for operations to reflect on their current operations, and seek new ways to improve efficiency?

The short answer is competitive advantage. In a growing Industry, with increasing competition, it is vital for operations to implement innovative strategies to offer quicker, more reliable, more consistent, and higher quality service to their customers.

What are the key areas that need to be addressed to ensure improving efficiency?

1. Number of deliveries

Increasing the number of deliveries is obvious - Increased sales equals quicker growth.

2. Order shipped complete on time

Promising order fulfilment and as per customer requirements and ETA’s encourages loyalty, improves reputation and builds trust, all driving customer-base expansion. This order fulfilment process involves the:

3. Accuracy of orders

4. Time per delivery

Reducing the time spent executing each delivery allows for this surplus time to be reinvested elsewhere.