Why and How You Must Eliminate Paper from Delivery Cycles

Paper-based delivery cycles are not only a liability to the environment, they are also a liability to your business. Eliminating paper from the process can help you make the process faster and streamlined, as your workforce is empowered to clock on the delivery status and proofs in real-time, which is digitally accessible to you. It shortens the whole payment cycle, ensuring better customer service.

Currently, dry recycling from waste from households in England totaled 5.9 million metric tons in 2019. Of this, 35.8 was paper and card, accounting for the largest share of dry recycling materials. This was followed by glass, which accounted for approximately 21 percent (source: statista). This number is just growing with the years, increasing landfill volumes and snatching away the green from us; its impact will suffocate us.

Image Source: Report by statista.com on Waste Management.

So, while your driver is carrying mobile devices, why not eliminate paper from the whole process and move it into his/her device? This small measure will enable sturdy distribution processes with fleet management, making a deeper impact on your business returns today, and a long-term impact on the environment.

Here’s a look at some top reasons your organization should consider ditching paper-based processes and move towards digitally clocking the delivery status and proof, embracing business efficiency and environmental impact.

Reasons to Make your Delivery Cycle Paperless

Paper wastage is a growing issue in the world today, and this could help you remove the clutter blocking swift progress for your business. Reduced carbon footprint and contribute towards environmental sustainability, while making a progressive business growth. We have listed some of the implications that paperless processes shall have.

Reduce business cost and unwanted burden, by going paperless. Paperwork takes a lot of time to fulfill. It can span across weeks, delaying the billing cycle. On the contrary, digitising the process cuts down the time taken in recording the tasks and reduces the expense of paper, printing material, and space to save thousands of these papers saved over years.

Push the acceleration to fast-forward your business. Digitising the delivery processes will streamline the whole process, and fast and smooth communication will accelerate the processes for your business. Give your employees time to focus on the strategic tasks and eliminate the hassle of clocking and maintaining the records.

Make the business processes secure. Papers can be accessed by anyone, leaking confidential information that you want to keep safe. Besides, as the information flows from one step to another, it can introduce human error and flaws. Keep the information safe by making it digital and paperless.

Ways You Can Eliminate Paper from the Delivery Process

In order to go paperless, simply digitise the process of data collection for your business. It is the most impactful step that will reduce your dependency on paper. However, there are some additional steps that you can take to eliminate paper completely from your processes and make Distribution Management efficient.

Move from Paper to Mobile App

Move your documentation to the mobile app that can be used by the drivers to update the delivery status and by the managers who can track the status of delivery and perform the vehicle maintenance checklist. This will result in drastic improvement in communication, ensuring transparency and faster payments.

Reflect on Business Practices

Conduct an analysis of how much and where your organisation use paper and how can you cut down its usage. Reach out to your departments and ask them to participate in this activity and help you identify the areas where paper usage is high.

Recycle the Paper

Be very conscious of every piece of paper being used or printed in the organisation and encourage people to use paper only when it is unavoidable and re-use it later. For one such practice, it is important that you send the message across the office that they are saving the environment by acting consciously.

Electronic Signature

The only speed breaker in your journey to going digital is the signature process. Invest in electronic signatures and let employees and customers use them. Once you adopt the electronic signature mechanism, most of the ballet is won in the process of going paperless.


As mentioned above, making your delivery process paperless can have a significant impact on the efficiency, ROI of your organisation, and environmental wellness. The question is, If not now then when is the right time to save your business from unwanted expenditure and the environment from tons of avoidable waste?

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