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Route & Planning & Optimisation Software to manage & optimise your deliveries

Cloud-based Route Planning & Monitoring Solutions to help you meet SLAs, cut costs & streamline your entire deliveries from order to invoice.

End-to-end Routing Software that help you to deliver more & improve margins

Seamless order input & processing

Automatic Inventory adjustments

Route management & optimisation

Company & customer management

Full delivery tracking & report updates

Performance tracking & insights

Manage more delvieries easier

Easy planning with optimised routes helps your drivers to complete more deliveries in less time.

Improve visibility & customer service

Review the status of each order & monitor deliveries in real-time. Offer customers a self-service portal & keep everyone in the loop.

Accelerate your order-to-cash cycle

Automate order & delivery processes while harnessing paperless reporting, to speed up your order-to-invoice cycle.

Use your resources more effectively

Use your available drivers, vehicles, inventories and warehouse space in the most efficient way to cut losses & drive productivity.

Never miss an order with full visibility throughout each stage of your process

Seamlessly import & process orders

Integrate your sales ordering systems, or enter new orders directly into the system. From here, the process is seamless, so you never miss an order and the status of each can be checked in seconds.

Monitor with live status updates

From order entry to picking, packing, and loading onto the vans, each order will update in the office as your warehouse teams fulfil each stage, keeping you in the loop at all times, from any device.

Instantly access all reports 

From anywhere in the order process, you can access full order details, any adjustments and attached documents from the office, keeping you in complete control with full visibility over your operation.

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Plan your perfect routes on a single screen with RouteMagic

Route Planning made simple​​

Our route planning module lets you plan multiple routes, and multiple days, all on a single screen. Drag-and-drop functionality helps your planning teams to easily allocate the right orders to the right drivers and routes, and you can filter visible routes to simplify your plan & avoid costly mistakes. View stops on the map, and double-check planned routes to confirm that they are good to go.

All the information you need on a single screen, including:

  • Order details, status, date, quantity, products, prices, totals etc.

  • Customer details

  • Unscheduled stops

  • Precise ETA calculations once optimised

  • Drivers, vehicles, order counts, stop types and delivery types (van sales, pre-order, standing orders etc.)

With all of the necessary information for each order at your planners' fingertips, you can minimise unfulfilled or missed deliveries, while easily reviewing plans before they are confirmed and passed onto your drivers' devices.

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Eliminate guess work from your route plans with route optimisations

Our route optimiser takes into account customer ETAs, and calculates the more effective route for each of your drivers to take, giving your planning team precise delivery times & sequences that promise results. You can optimise individually, or all of your routes at once, cutting the planning time drastically while eliminating the guesswork for your planners. 

  • Reduce mileage & fuel costs

  • Drive towards more sustainable deliveries

  • Meet SLAs & minimise redeliveries

  • Reinvest time saved into the growth of your business

Real-time driver & deliver tracking for complete visibility 

Monitor all of your routes and drivers on a single screen, helping you to track progress and improve response times to any delays or disruptions.

Instantly access all reports throughout the day, from the office, including:

  • Daly walk-around vehicle checks

  • Proof of deliveries

  • Any adjustments to orders, returns or wasted items

  • Site summary reports

  • End-of-day reports

  • Stock changes & inventory reports

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Offer outstanding service that your customers can't get anywhere else

At the point of delivery, orders can be adjusted and summaries can be reviewed before an e-signature is taken. Our mobile app prompts any specific messaging to the driver, and it also allows for photographic PODs to be taken, helping drivers to make the delivery as per customer requirements, even if they are not available to collect it in person. 


Our client portal gives your customers a space to place, manage, and oversee each order, minimising the need to manually phone for updates further.

  • Provide precise ETAs

  • Send utomatic email or SMS updates from driver to customer

  • Drivers have all of the customer, delivery & contact details on the device


Total control & complete visibility with our
cloud-based route management software

Streamlined Order-to-Cash Cycle 

With the back-office & mobile app feeding into one another in real-time, you can drastically improve your entire order-to-cash cycle & streamline your processes right up to invoicing.

Establish Workflow Rules for Drivers

With over 50 customisable settings, establish rules for seasonal, temporary, or permanent drivers so you know exactly which actions they can & cannot take while on the road.

Automated stock Adjustments

With automated stock & delivery status updates, along with automatic adjustments to order totals, including returns, wastage, and up-sold items, you can eliminate easily-made arithmetic mistakes.

Streamline Your workflow & improve the productivity of your teams

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Hear from our customers

"The level of management control in the front office combined with user flexibility on the handheld is amazing and the system offers tremendous flexibility and imagination just where we want to make step changes in our business.

Finance Director, Ginsters

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