A host of office and epod app functionality for complete control and visibility over your delivery operation, end-to-end.

Manage & monitor all delivery processes with complete control & visibility

Cloud-based order management, route planning & optimisation, driver tracking and Proof of delivery solutions for delivery businesses, ranging through a variety of industries, sectors & business models.

Optimised deliveries in 6 simple stages

RouteMagic is designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind. It has a huge amount to offer, but that doesn't mean it can't be simplified with 6 key stages:

1. Import your orders

In bulk from any existing sales method or enter them directly into the system.

2. Plan your

Complete & record picking, packing & loading using the mobile app.

3. Optimise your routes

View all planned deliveries & let the system optimise every route in seconds.

4. Track your drivers

Track drivers in real-time, give or receive instructions and receive all reports instantly.

5. Take an

Take an electronicPOD and a customer signature, and an optional photograph.

6. Analyse your performance

Track daily, monthly, or annual performance with custom, easy-to-digest insights.

Streamlined Order Management

Align each sales order process, from web or e-commerce stores, telesales, fax, email or text so they feed seamlessly into our system.


Plan daily and weekly routes while RouteMagic automates the flow from order placement, picking, packing & loading, to live tracking, proof-of-delivery, payments and invoicing. 

Our back-end system focuses on a user-friendly experience. With an intuitive, sequenced order processing module, any outstanding are highlighted, to ensure 100% order fulfilment.

Never miss an order with full visibility throughout each stage of your process

Seamlessly import & process orders

Integrate your sales ordering systems, or enter new orders directly into the system. From here, the process is seamless, so you never miss an order and the status of each can be checked in seconds.

Monitor with live status updates

From order entry to picking, packing, and loading onto the vans, each order will update in the office as your warehouse teams fulfil each stage, keeping you in the loop at all times, from any device.

Instantly access all reports 

From anywhere in the order process, you can access full order details, any adjustments and attached documents from the office, keeping you in complete control with full visibility over your operation.

Sale order status.png

Plan perfect routes on a single screen with RouteMagic

Route Planning made simple​​

Our route planning module lets you plan multiple routes, and multiple days, all on a single screen. Drag-and-drop functionality helps your planning teams to easily allocate the right orders to the right drivers and routes, and you can filter visible routes to simplify your plan & avoid costly mistakes. View stops on the map, and double-check planned routes to confirm that they are good to go.

All the information you need on a single screen, including:

  • Order details, status, date, quantity, products, prices, totals etc.

  • Customer details

  • Unscheduled stops

  • Precise ETA calculations once optimised

  • Drivers, vehicles, order counts, stop types and delivery types (van sales, pre-order, standing orders etc.)

With all of the necessary information for each order at your planners' fingertips, you can minimise unfulfilled or missed deliveries, while easily reviewing plans before they are confirmed and passed onto your drivers' devices.

Route Planner.png

Eliminate guess work from your route plans with route optimisations

Our route optimiser takes into account customer ETAs, and calculates the more effective route for each of your drivers to take, giving your planning team precise delivery times & sequences that promise results. You can optimise individually, or all of your routes at once, cutting the planning time drastically while eliminating the guesswork for your planners. 

  • Reduce mileage & fuel costs

  • Drive towards more sustainable deliveries

  • Meet SLAs & minimise redeliveries

  • Reinvest time saved into the growth of your business

Real-time driver & deliver tracking for complete visibility 

Monitor all of your routes and drivers on a single screen, helping you to track progress and improve response times to any delays or disruptions.

Instantly access all reports throughout the day, from the office, including:

  • Daly walk-around vehicle checks

  • Proof of deliveries

  • Any adjustments to orders, returns or wasted items

  • Site summary reports

  • End-of-day reports

  • Stock changes & inventory reports

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mobile delivery app for drivers

A single driver app to boost sales and productivity with automated daily reporting

Vehicle Checks

Load Orders

Delivery sequence

Live Updates

Returns & Payments

E-Proof of Delivery

Routing app for drivers


Accelerate your entire order-to-cash cycle with synchronised mobile & office functionality

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  • Plan & optimise journeys using our drag-and-drop route planner

  • Send planned schedules directly to your drivers' devices

  • Receive automatic updates from drivers throughout the day

  • Access all Vehicles Checks, PODS, invoices & site summaries instantly

  • Automate stock and cost adjustments

  • Automate customer-driver-office communication & updates

  • Auto-generate & export invoices, or email them directly to the customer right away


Analytics & Insights

Make data-driven decisions that push your business forward

Having a clear view of which areas of your business are doing well, and which areas aren't seeing results is essential to growing as productively & quickly as possible.

RouteMagic compiles your operation’s data and organises different processes, providing views for various routes, drivers, customers, orders, products and product lines.


Our Core Reports module presents this data in an easy-to-digest format, allowing you to draw from historical data., and these views can be customised for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual insights.

RouteMagic helps you to monitor driver performance, allowing you to set driver-specific targets, so you can manage their capabilities & offer assistance & training where it is needed most.

business performance insights


Gain complete visibility over your operation


Understand exactly where you need to improve


Use custom insights to make plans that promise results

Let our software speak for itself.
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