With a host of back-office and mobile app functionality, RouteMagic provides complete control and visibility over your delivery operation, end-to-end.

Streamlined Order Processing

Align each sales order process, from web or e-commerce stores, telesales, fax, email or text so they feed seamlessly into our system.


Plan daily and weekly routes while RouteMagic automates the flow from order placement, picking, packing & loading, to live tracking, proof-of-delivery, payments and invoicing. 

Our back-end system focuses on a user-friendly experience.

With an intuitive, sequenced order processing feature, any outstanding or delayed orders are highlighted so 100% order fulfilment can be achieved.

Streamlined Order-to-cash Cycle

Real-time Visibility

Seamless Communications

Performance Insights

Business Performance Insights

Make data-driven decisions that drive your business forward

RouteMagic compiles your operation’s data and organises different processes, providing customisable views for various routes, drivers, customers, orders, products and product lines. These views can be customised for daily, weekly, monthly, and annual insights.

Our Core Reports module presents this data in an easy-to-digest format, allowing you to draw from historical data. From here, you can look into your performance and achieve a deeper understanding of where you are, and what you need to do to improve. 

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A single tool to drive sales and productivity with automated daily reporting

Vehicle Checks

Load Orders

Proof of Delivery

Returns & Payments

Live Updates

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