Smart Route Planning & Proof
of Delivery Software

Cloud-based software to plan, optimise, manage and track the delivery of your goods from order to invoice.

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Cloud-based Route Planning & EPoD Software to help you deliver more 

Key features 

Seamless order entry & processing

Route planning & optimisation

Driver tracking & ETA notifications

Electronic proof of delivery

Payment & invoice management

Customer Self-Service & live updates

Some of the benefits our customers are gaining

Improved customer service

Time savings on administrative tasks

Reduced emissions & carbon footprint

Greater visibility & communication 

Faster payments & accurate invoicing 

Cloud-Based Solutions to
optimise your deliveries

A scalable, cloud-based solution to manage your delivery operation from order to invoice under one roof.
control of distribution

Integrate your sales channels

Feed new orders from all sales order methods into RouteMagic seamlessly, or enter new orders directly into the system.

paperless deliveries

Plan & optimise routes

Plan delivery routes on a single screen up to a week in advance, and let RouteMagic optimise your routes in seconds.

Electronic proof of delivery

Keep customers updated with live notifications from our driver's app, and capture PODs at the point of delivery.

control of distribution

Driver tracking & live updates 

Track your drivers in real-time, access all reports instantly, and automate inventory updates & stock changes.

Payment & invoicing

Handle all payment types through our delivery app, and manage payments easier with auto-generated invoices.

Plan, manage & track your deliveries more effectively

Together, our route planning system & proof of delivery app help your teams communicate better, work more productively, and have access to accurate and reliable data and reports.
route planning

Route Optimization

Plan call schedules for up to a week in advance, and optimise routes with specific ETA calculations to ensure orders are fulfilled on time, every time. 

Customer self-service

Our Client Portal module gives customers an online space to place, adjust, and oversee the status of their orders. This saves your teams time which can be reinvested and improves customer service with a convenient self-service portal.

vehicle checks

Vehicle checks

Make sure drivers comply with safety regulations and submit inspections before they start their daily route. Ensure compliance & maintain vehicles routinely.

AI order suggestions

Using historic customer sales records, RouteMagic suggests customer-specific products to your drivers at the point of delivery. Empower them to make additional sales while offering a more personalised delivery service.

driver tracking

Driver tracking 

Improve responsiveness and achieve crystal clear visibility for your teams with live route data, driver tracking, and automated delivery updates.

Automate regular orders

Set up standing orders for each customer, and automate the creation of routine calls to customers that regularly place orders. This cuts planning times while your system makes sure these orders are fulfilled. 

electronic proof of delivery

Proof of delivery

Minimise disputes and equip drivers with a single device to take electronic signatures, capture photographic PODs, and log all delivery details. 

Customise your workflow

Understand exactly how each employee works, with over 50 customisable workflow rules. RouteMagic. helps you to build workflows that improve productivity, and result in smooth day-to-day operations. 

A selection of industries we serve

RouteMagic's flexible & customisable solution helps us to service a wide range of industries

Food & Beverages

Meet the ever-increasing demands of control and convenience with a cloud-based driver tracking, inventory management and distribution management system built for you.



Significantly improve efficiency in patient care with fully accountable, tracked deliveries.



Powerful route planning, optimisation, vehicle tracking, and POD solutions for the delivery of construction & building materials. 


Mobile Workforce

Establish workflows, improve communications, and ensure team efforts are aligned for impactful workforce management.



Complete vehicle tracking and proof of delivery for automotive distributors. Gain complete control & visibility over your delivery process so you can scale your business.



Integrate existing systems, align supply chain processes and monitor order progress with a distribution management system that can be tailored to specific needs.

Improve workflow & communications

Integrate existing systems and align your efforts

RouteMagic allows you to align and integrate existing systems into our delivery management software.  This ensures each process flows seamlessly, from order creation to completion and invoice export. You don't have to worry about disjointed systems, filling in the gaps yourself, or manually moving the process forward.

Our mobile app & office system speak to each other in real-time, giving and receiving updates when they are made, ensuring teams get the order or delivery information & notes they need while the day goes on. 

Not only does this minimise time spent manually updating one another, but it means less time waiting for reports to come back to the office, and quicker processing of PODS, payments & future orders.

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Why choose RouteMagic to manage your deliveries?

A scalable, cloud-based delivery system built to manage your entire order-to-cash cycle of businesses, regardless of size industries.  

Simple & User-Friendly interface

RouteMagic system has a short learning curve so it is easy for your team members to understand the tools and perform their jobs effectively, maximising their performance.

user-friendly delivery software

Flexible & extremely adaptable software

Build your workflow, customer, employee & company rules with 50 customizable settings. These changes can be made directly using simple, straightforward checklists on the system's setup, with no complex adjustments required. 

customisable distribution solution

Comprehensive performance tracking

Our core reports module equips you with easy-to-digest, customisable reports to measure the profitability of different routes, drivers, customers, and products, on a daily, weekly, monthly or annual basis. Make data-driven decisions that promise results.

business performance & analytics