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Optimise Food and Beverage Distribution

A single platform that provides real-time visibility and streamline operations, while also maintaining the quality of your perishable goods.

Food and Beverage Distribution Challenges

Short-shelf life

Perishable nature of food products results in a limited shelf life, requiring swift distribution to prevent spoilage.

Delay in delivery

Delays in delivery can lead to product spoilage, stockouts, and dissatisfied customers.

Returns management

Managing returns of perishable items requires careful handling to prevent spoilage and maintain quality standards.

Fast moving produce

High demand for certain perishable products necessitates rapid turnover and frequent restocking.

High transportation cost

Transportation costs can be substantial due to the need for specialised vehicles and fast delivery to maintain product quality.

Weight/cost-based measurement

Inaccurate measurement of products can lead to discrepancies in inventory management and pricing.

High product wastage

Inefficient handling and storage practices contribute to high levels of product wastage, particularly for perishable items.

Temperature controlled delivery

Many food and beverage products require strict temperature control to prevent spoilage and maintain safety.

How RouteMagic Helps Food and Beverage Distribution

Streamlined Delivery to Minimise Wastage

Enhance operational efficiency with accurate inventory management and optimised delivery routes to avoid wastage of products with short-shelf life and fast moving produce that rely on airtight day-to-day operations.

Sales Order Management

Route Optimisation for Faster Delivery

RouteMagic offers advanced route planning & delivery scheduling functionality to help you automate regular or standing orders, effortlessly & quickly plan & optimise delivery routes & track the entire process in real-time manner.

Save Money with Greater Fuel Efficiency

Real-time fuel theft alerts and fuel trends help identify inefficient or abnormal activity. Monitoring of idle time, hard acceleration & deceleration along with advanced analytical fuel reports help in identifying fuel wastage and improve fuel efficiency.

Automate Temperature Monitoring

For short-shelf life goods we let you monitor the temperature in real-time and receive alerts when temperature drops or rises beyond the defined threshold to avoid shipment spoilage, reduce operational costs.

Manage Returns Effectively

Provide hassle-free return management that includes the previously sold product as well as the products sold through the van sales application. Just select the return location with the expiry management function and generate the credit note.

Easy Catch Weight-Based Costing

While picking any order, if products are Catch Weight products then at the time of picking you can enter the weight of the product. It automatically captures the weight and gives you exact pricing of the product.

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