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Integrated EPOD and Route

RouteMagic’s electronic proof of delivery management(ePoD) software is a paperless solution designed to provide complete visibility of delivery operations.


RouteMagic can be set up very easily, enabling you to effortlessly incorporate your current systems and procedures. This ensures that your teams can operate with maximum efficiency. By eliminating any potential problems in the future, it establishes a seamless daily workflow where all your third-party systems are synchronised and processes are automated. These flawless integrations ultimately instill confidence in your team, allowing them to focus on their primary tasks while RouteMagic takes care of everything behind the scenes.

Powerful Integration Manager
Standing Order
Export Proof of delivery & Order Amendments
Off-the-shelf Sage Integration Tool
Integration with Google Maps

Route Planning

Route Planner is an easy to use, visual planner of sales and delivery routes. Van sales routes are created each day from each customer's call schedules with no effort from you. Routes can be viewed in Grid or Map format for more advanced planning; simple drag-n-drop calls between routes or use the Route Optimisation to plan to achieve the best routes for each day.  New requests and one-off tasks can be added to a Reps manifest from the RoutePlanner, ensuring these tasks are tracked and completed. Using either optimised routes or the ETA calculator you can provide accurate visit notifications to customers and track the efficiency of your team.

Route Management
Route Optimisation
Live Dispatch
Multi-Day Routes
Territory Planning
Route Schedules
Service Duration
Optimising route on mobile

Service Customer

RouteMagic is a mobile field sales team solution with some really powerful features to support your van sales teams. It manages call schedules, boosts sales performance through targeted promotions and sales history. Through RouteMagic you will be able to control pricing, ensure accurate invoicing, visibility of van stock and track real-time sales performance.

Map View of Route
Stop-on-Map Navigation
Customer Notes
COD Payments
Customer Self-Service Portal
Suggested Orders
Clean Delivery Notes
Service remote customers with complete offline app capabilities
Service Order module

Customer Management

Our Customer workflow section allow you to specify how your teams service your customers ensuring the same high standards across the business.  Efficiently handle multiple delivery points for each customer, incorporate specific delivery instructions and delivery windows ensuring customer SLA’s are known and met through the ability to configure individual processes for customers if required.
Call surveys allow you to capture and analyse customer feed-back, and other data such as competitor analysis and distribution gaps. Provide excellent customer service by offering a self-service portal for your customers to retrieve invoices and delivery notes to further enhance the customer experience. Our Ordering App allows Customers to place their own orders simply and quickly, and uses our extensive Pricing System to ensure orders are correctly priced.

Customer Specific Rules
Capture Detailed POD
Credit Management
Drop Notes
Customer Visit Schedule
Standing Order

Route Monitor

Route Monitor provides you with up-to-the-minute visibility into field operations. Monitor the progress and location of your routes and drivers either in Grid-view or map-view  as they complete each call or visit. It presents a consolidated view on a single screen, allowing the back-office team to monitor the status of all routes and the current whereabouts of vehicles.

Real-Time Driver Tracking
Performance Analysis
Driver Communication
Continuous update of Longitude/Latitude
Realtime Notifications
Emailed POD's
Sending Blocking Messages

Customer testimonials

We’ve streamlined our business with the help of Mobile Enterprise System’s powerful solution - it’s a great investment for wholesale distributors looking to grow their business.
Arrabawn, Agri-Based Organisation, Ireland
Mobile Enterprise Systems have removed a lot of inaccuracies and frustrations; without the system, we’d need three to four people to do what one person can now do.
Mr Scratchings Pork, Scratchings, Bradford
The System from mobile Enterprise Systems has allowed us to service more customers with the same number of staff and certainly helped us be more efficient.
Prep House Sauce Manufacturer, Northern Ireland
The ability to instantly access both customer and staff information has enabled me to make fact based decisions, to have accurate information on products, customer and finance needs allows the business to plan, grow and enhance the service we provide to the customer.
Tracy Legget, Owner of Barnies Foods Ltd

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