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Artificial Intelligence-based Van Sales Stock Management & Recommendations

Need a way to equip your van drivers with a way to boost sales?

Delivery drivers spend a significant time behind the wheel. Your goal is to ensure that you empower your drivers to make smooth deliveries while also making recommendations to the customers.

Drivers need intelligent recommendations made at each step of van sales operation, for a power-packed workflow management. Harness all the customer related data of van sales operations to optimise sales conducted by the van. Adopt artificial intelligence to empower your van sales business with real-time insights into customer behaviour and preferences, to make recommendations on what and how many products to load, personalise deliveries, promotions, forecasting, and gain higher efficiency when it comes to replenishing the stocks in the warehouses. 

AI-Driven Stock Management and Product Recommendations

RouteMagic helps you gather data related to the buying pattern of every customer, analyse it to calculate their future requirements and communicate the same to the van sales reps while they load their stocks for deliveries. It induces intelligence-based data at each step of the van sales operation so that the rep is left with the task of picking the products, loading them into the van, and setting off to make deliveries. It takes away the responsibility of calculating the requirements and checking the inventories for the relevant stock. While this is a powerful measure to make the most of each sale, it also helps you reduce wastage and have better stock management.

Empower Your Team with Sales Intelligence and Better Planning

Do Your Van Reps lack sales intelligence and is your backend team having a tough time planning it for them?

Suggested Sales Orders: Suggested sales orders is a powerful sales measure to cross-sell and up-sell your products to the customers. RouteMagic empowers your reps or drivers to go the extra mile in suggesting products to your customers, based on historic sales records. It uses historic customer sales records, to build personalised product recommendations to customers, and make personalised promotions at the point of delivery. This opens additional sales opportunities for your business, as customers tend to respond quickly and positively to such recommendations. This feature in your van sales system significantly boosts the chances of conversion and profit-making for businesses.

Better Van Stock Management

Is your stock load in Vans based on guesswork and mismatches the market demand? 

Suggested Load Orders: Suggesting Load orders for deliveries right from the time of dispatch, will help you get the best sales results. It will enable your admin to better manage the resources by building trips, assigning resources, and tracking the progress. RouteMagic takes customer buying habits, trends, and preferences and uses this data to ease order management and drive efficient delivery execution and customer service. When van sales reps load their vehicles at the start of the day, they get prompts on products and quantities that they need to load to successfully complete a day’s schedule. This optimises the use of your inventories, reduces wastage, and boosts your sales opportunities in each delivery. This automated intelligence into stock eliminates the guesswork from the delivery plan, making the best use of the available stock and Rep’s trip.

Planning Picklist for the Day

Is planning a picklist a tricky task for your Reps they are failing at? 

Suggested Picklists: RouteMagic collects data on each of your customers, their purchasing habits, their preferences, products, quantities, and so on, and then suggests these to your Reps when they are submitting picklists for the following days, or weeks. It makes suggestions on picklists, prompts your reps or drivers with products that each customer usually purchases, and ensures that they have the right information they need to accurately forecast and manage future demand. 

You are empowered to:
  • Plan van-load order based on data intelligence and take out the guesswork from the process
  • Data based pick-list planning for drivers
  • Automate the calculation of stock loads, supplies, re-stock
  • Make product recommendations to customers based on their buying behaviour
  • Manage the future orders ahead of time
  • Ensure that you don’t miss any sale opportunity due to load order mismatch 
  • Build the scope to create and follow a sales strategy that includes product demos
  • Introduce your customers to more products at the point of sale
  • Cross-sell and up-sell products and make bigger profits 


This is the second in the series article based on optimising van sales performance, which aims to show you how you can improve van sales management with RouteMagic’s technical prowess, for business growth.

Once your reps or drivers are empowered to make the right deliveries with no calculation mistakes, or mismatch of items being uploaded or distributed, the next step is to focus on maximising each sale that they are going to make.

Several businesses are associated with RouteMagic, taking steps towards improving their van sales business operations for efficiency and impact. They have achieved growth and higher ROI, leaving their peers behind who are still using traditional methods of doing business. Speak to us to explore how you can make an impact on your business.